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Need assistance buying a motherboard

Question asked by snkdemon on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by snkdemon

Hello I need assistance buying a motherboard Which is Compatible Whit My Procesor And My Graphic Card

The Problem i Chan Not Find A Motherbord Am1 That Have 4 Ram Slot Beucause I have 16 gb Ram And I chan not Use Them all

This is my Curent hardware:

Cpu : Amd Athlon 5350

Video Card : Amd Radeon R7 240

Ram Memory : 2x 4Gb ddr3 - 1x 8Gb ddr3

MainBoard : AsRock AM1B-ITX


all i need to know is a Motherbord Name That Is compatible Whit my cpu,video card and to have 4 Ram Slot.

Thank You.