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Fury X With Crimson drivers crash when playing Rainbow 6 Seige

Question asked by charlconradie on Dec 14, 2015

Hi there. I am also having a very hard time with no help whatsoever. So, what happens to me is the following: I uninstalled the latest catalyst drivers just before the Crimson Drivers 15.11.1, installed the latest crimson drivers that was released on 30 Nov 2015. I go into the game and play without any problems the first time. When I go out of the game and back in, my game crashes in any game mode after the cinematic trailer the moment the game starts (I see the first frame in game, the screen freezes, then Black screen, I have to do a hard restart every freaking time) I delete the crimson drivers, reinstall it, then play the first time without crashing (for as long as I want, but once I go out of the game, it never works again) I also get the "Unsupported driver" message on the crimson driver. When I roll back to the latest Catalyst driver before crimson, I have no trouble whatsoever, I did a clean install of windows 10 and installed crimson driver, didn't help. I have a Gigabyte Fury X, i7 3770K, 16Gb Ram, Gigabyte G1 Sniper 3 Motherboard, running windows 10 64 bit. Please help