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Unity Engine 5, DX11 & R9, R7 and 7xxx Cards (Wasteland 2 DC & Satellite Reign)

Question asked by mwnn on Dec 14, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 1, 2016 by bigboss9191

Is anyone else suffering from random crashing when using DirectX 11 (default) in these games with any of these cards?


Or in other Unity engine games for that matter? With other Radeon cards?


R9 285 @ 1080p via Displayport on ASUS PB238Q

Crimson 15.11.1 (15.30.1025.1001; Nov 30th)

Windows 10 Pro 10586.29



Wasteland 2 Directors Cut


inXile appear to have replicated the problem:


Satellite Reign v1.06.05


The random crashing with Satellite Reign is particularly severe as the display driver itself crashes - leading to a black screen.


A hard reset will restore the display (not needed if the driver recovers):


Lots of graphical glitches occur if -force-d3d12 is used.


Crashing if Screen Space Reflections (SSR) and DirectX12 is used.




The only known workaround with both these titles is to use the startup parameter -force-d3d9


I've tested different driver sets - doing a full uninstall & using display driver uninstaller in safe mode:






Temperatures, clock speeds, memory use, etc (all default) are quite normal - monitored with MSI Afterburner.


Nothing funny happening with the Heaven benchmark - a decent score of 1310 - high with normal Tessellation - 65C max.


Can AMD replicate the problem?

Likelihood to be fixed in the next Crimson driver or at all?




Removed Crimson 15.11.1


Windows 10 Update Driver -> 15.201.1151.0 -> Crashes


Catalyst 15.7.1 -> 15.200.1062.1004 -> Crashes




It'll have to be -force-d3d9 for the time being