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Which HSA runtime when using stock Linux kernel?

Question asked by enerc77 on Dec 14, 2015
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I'am a BOINC developer (mainly einstein@home) and I'am evaluating the benefits of Kaveri HSA for astronomy research algorithms. We already have OpenCL implementation, but HSA should bring significant improvement for memory transferts and synchronization.

I was so far unable to pass the vector_copy test. Here is my config: A10 7870K (Godavari), Debian 4.2 kernel, A78 chipset, IOMMU enabled. PASS.

I tried compiled HSA-Runtime-Reference-Source, hsa-runtime_1.0.3_amd64.deb or gabbayo runtime. Either I'am stucked in hsa_queue_create (returns an error), or I can go up to "Determine the agents ISA", where hsa_agent_get_info returns an error.

Can't see any helping error in dynamic kernel debug logs.

So my question: which kernel should I use, and which HSA runtime?