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Crimson fan control,   why not?

Question asked by oneirogen on Dec 14, 2015

HI all,


This question is directed to the developers, programmers and Amd as a whole.  I have usually gone with Nvidia cards, but the last card i went with x1950 pro and was quite satisfied with it, so 2 week ago when i built my new Pc I bought a Sapphire R9 380 Nitro. So far I am quite happy with it. However I have some critique towards you guys.


When playing Mass effect 2 / dota 2,  my GPU temps are around 75 degrees, a bit too high for my taste, I like my components cool and comfortable.


Asus has have done it on their motherboards, with Fan expert,  Sapphire have done it with Trixx, So why have you NOT done it?
What I am talking about is of course the ability for the user to custom set a XY graph curve that will dictate the behavior of the fan. Obviously the Crimson software has this built in, but its beyond of customization for the user, its stuck with the one setting that you guys have decided.


I downloaded Sapphire trixx and made my own curve,  and now my temps are 58-59 degrees with 40% fan speed.  Much more comfortable then 75degrees, and still as quiet.


This solution however does not feel very comforting, besides the annoyance to have 1 more program active to gain access to a function that you should be having, there is a slight worry that Crimson and Trixx will interfere with another and could cause damage if at some point it cause some kind of conflict and the fan stops or slows down or who knows, I am of course speaking of this with the knowledge of the previous problems with peoples fans stuck at 20% and frying GPUs.