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What card with a10-7870k

Question asked by jur-master on Dec 13, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by jur-master

Hello Everyone !

I have

AMD APU a10-7870k

16gb ram 1600 mhz

MSI A78M-E35 (v2 bios)

And i wonder which card should i get ?

Better is goin for dual graphic with radeon r7 250 (but which version)?


is just better to get stand alone graphic like r9 ?

i have like 200-250f to spend, what should i do ?


I want use my pc to gaming and recording "let's play's"

apu is getting well, but only on med spec, so i think dual graphic should be good, and which version of r7 250 gonna be the best ?

also i know not everygame is support dual graphic, so i think i need strongest r7 250 version.

Please answer me fellas