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Creating more than 2 RAID arrays, is it possible and what is the reason for it.

Question asked by dryden22 on Dec 13, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 17, 2015 by tomtalk24

The strange thing about my motherboard's RAID BIOS setup screen is that I cannot define more than 2 arrays on the same disks.


E.g. in Linux software RAID I can define as many as I want.


The BIOS setup screen allows me to select a capacity for only the [i]first[/i] array. The second array is automatically augmented to or up to the end of the disks. That is to say, if I have 4 disks in RAID 10 of 1TB each, I have 2TB capacity available to me for creating arrays.


Suppose I create a 500GB array as the first RAID 10 array on these disks.


That then only allows me to create ONE second array, and it will be an array of 1500GB.


This limitation is a problem to me as I need to create a three-set of arrays for a certain reason.


Meaning, I intend or intended my disks to have three arrays in the capacity of about:


1000 + 250 + 750


because it mirrors something I have at home (3 separate disks).


The problematic thing today is that this aint working because I can only create 2 arrays on these disks.


And I wonder why? And I wonder why this limitation was put in place. Is there anyone at AMD I can contact about this?


And at this point I also wonder if using a different cheap firmware RAID solution (e.g. Dawicontrol DC-324e, but I know from experience that configuration may even be worse) would do the trick.


Unfortunately that is even a lesser solution to what I want, or a less likely candidate to do what I want with it. And no clue if it is going to work, and no support from the companies either. I doubt anything will come near what AMD does here, with the RaidXpert software and all.


So I am really in a bind here, I wanted to create 3 arrays, and I can't.