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Will AMD athlon x4 860k bottleneck xfx Radeon r9 280?

Question asked by saengtawan on Dec 13, 2015

the list below is my current set up. I want to upgrade my processor to AMD athlon x4 860k. My only concern is that if that, will the processor bottneck xfx r9 280 3gb? i did a couple of test bench and as results, I got an incresae in proformance by 10%. im aiming for gaming PC with stable and high FPS. Any suggestion will be great. Thanks.


Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-F2A68HM-HD2

Current CPU: AMD A6-7400K

GPU: xfx Radeon r9 280 3gb

Ram: 2x4gb curcial balistic sport DDR3

HDD: 1T WD blue

Power Supply: EVGA 500B