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CRT heap systematic corruption on Windows 7 with AMD drivers

Question asked by poppolopoppo on Dec 14, 2015
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AMD drivers on Win7 x64 seams to corrupt the heap when creating a Directx11 device.

I compiled the sample Tutorial01 from Microsoft DirectX SDK (June 2010) and launched it with Microsoft AppVerifier and could reproduce the crash 100% of the time.


This was tested on different platforms/hardware (compiled Tutorial01 with Visual 2012) :

AMD R7 200 series   | Win10 x64     | 15.201.1151.0     | OK

AMD R7 200 series   | Win7 x64      | 15.200.1062.1004  | Crash

AMD Radeon HD 5450  | Win10         | 15.201.1151.0     | OK

AMD Radeon HD 4800  | Win7 x64      | 8.970.100.1100    | Crash


The corruption happens when creating a new Device (inside the call of D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain, line 191 in Tutorial01.cpp) in AMD drivers dlls.

All the tests were made on brand new Windows installations.

AMD drivers for Windows 10  did not corrupt the heap, but current (2015) and older (2013) hardware will crash systematically on Win7 x64.

I could not test on Windows 8 since I don't have access to a PC with that version installed.

I kept AppVerifier to default settings (all 'Basics' node selected).


Application Verifier can be downloaded from : Download Microsoft Application Verifier from Official Microsoft Download Center


The corruption still happens without AppVerifier but may not lead to a crash every time.

This was also reproduced in any game/app creating a Directx device, but Tutorial01 was the most simple to share.

The sample is found in the folder $DXSDK_DIR\Samples\C++\Direct3D11\Tutorials\Tutorial01 after installing DirectX SDK.


Please do you have any informations about this problem ? Is it already known by your services ?


Thanks in advance