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R9 380 Crashing

Question asked by kitchens on Dec 13, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 21, 2015 by kitchens

I just built a computer:


Gigabyte B85M-DS3H-A


Powercolor PCS+ R9 380


In Windows 10, seemingly randomly, the screen will turn completely green, and the sound will continue for a bit before crashing as well. This has happened with both the 15.11 and 15.11.1 drivers. It doesn't happen when I disable the card in the BIOS and run the display through the motherboard. It only happens when connected to the GPU, even when the card is disabled in the device manager, which leads me to believe there's some issue with the card/drivers.


Initially I installed Ubuntu 15.10, and it worked perfectly fine. I was able to play Kerbal Space Program for a while with no issues. Then I reformatted and installed Windows 10, and it's been crashing since. The temperatures are perfectly fine, at around 40 deg C, when it crashes. It crashes seemingly randomly, although I think it only happens when I try to perform an action (opening a menu, etc.)


For now I've disabled the card and I haven't had an issue, so it definitely makes me think there's a compatibility issue with Windows 10.


UPDATE: I decided to dual-boot with Ubuntu because it was stable before, but upon installing the proprietary AMD drivers, the same green screen issue came back. I reverted back to the open-source drivers and haven't had an issue.