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Why are the drivers so terrible right now? Can't play games

Question asked by sharky7337 on Dec 13, 2015
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I have owned AMD cards for a while now (since my 4850) and not had any regrets until recently.


My specs:

Windows 10 64


7970 x2 saphire boost

32bg ddr3 trident x

1tb ssd samsung

9tb HD toshiba

1050 watt psu XFX gold

Asus Maximus V formula


I have tried the latest 3 drivers all after a lean uninstall with DDU.


15.7.1 -- Plays most games ok but COD Black ops 3 is really bad

15.11--Plays COD better, but wont allow SWTOR or GW2 to launch, random freezes in BO3

15.11.1--Random freezes in BO3, and GW2 and SWTOR wont launch


Yes I understand I'm on windows 10, and its relatively new, but this is really unacceptable.


I have to change drivers just to play certain games because between the 3, none of them work properly.


I have tried creating custom profiles, disabling ULPS, trying to change compatability settings, checked just about everything I can and I'm very knowledgable when it comes to computers, programming, networking.


Are these issues going to be fixed with any time soon? Really debating being done with the tediousness of the drivers and their issues and jumping ship.