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      Acabo de formatar meu computador,já instalei os drivers,atualizei tudo. só que há um problema, tive uma pequena queda de FPS, Gostaria de saber oque preciso fazer para voltar ao normal.

      Placa de video: AMD Radeon r9 270x

      Processador: I5 650 3.20 GHZ


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          Are you saying " I just format my computer since I installed the drivers, updated everything. just that there is a problem, I had a small drop of FPS, I would like to know what you want to do to return to normal."  ?

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            There's no "going back" from a format unless you happened to make an image of the drive to restore from beforehand.  My guess would be that during the reinstall, you've accidentally installed some extra junk software if you used, say a manufacturer's recovery disc instead of a clean windows install and you need to rip some of that stuff out.  Other possibilities may include an update that negatively impacted performance (like a Windows Service pack or something). Lastly, there may be some settings that might need to be restored, for example, switching a game to over to use Mantle instead of DX11.  For that matter, have you checked to see if DX is to date and that the game's default API has been set to what it was before?  You may have also made subtle changes to the graphics settings in-game that need to be reset.  There are lots of different variables that could be making this FPS impact.