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AMD screen resolution not right after updating to 15.11

Question asked by onnaj on Dec 13, 2015
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Past week i've upgraded to the crimson 15.11 driver for my Athlon 5350 (R3 Graphics). Sinces then when i look at desktop monitor settings it's saying that i'm 1366*768 resolution as i was before the update. However my Pioneer VSX-S510 6.1 Receiver shows 1080p as resolution. The windows 10 screen now has black borders around it, while the windows 10 desktop is smaller then my actual tv size.


I noticed this the first time when opening kodi. When kodi starts i've set the screen resolutionm to change to 1080p. So now when kodi is starting it's changing the res but then the screen is way to big to display it completely on my TV.


No matter what resolution i choose in desktop monitor settings, the receiver will still show 1080p.


Is this a common problem? Wil there be any updates soon about this? I even tried the new 15.11.1 driver but that didn't solve the problem unfortunately.