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    Red (and Black) Dragon





      Well, my 7y old rig had to finally go... it started to make all sort of random fun like fan rattling, random bluescreening, couple of usb ports not functioning etc.


      Finally managed to put everything together, up and running... and here it is.


      Thank you Sire for your help and troubleshooting and thank you jakeshi for you help with coolers. Fera was one of my favorite candidates, but finally choose Noctua cause my old one was Noctua too.


      Some of cables I might try to place bit more nicely, but overall it´s still much more nicely done than with my old rig.





      CPUi7-6700K 4.0GHz @ 4.5GHz
      CoolerNoctua NH-D15
      MotherboardAsus Maximus VIII Hero
      Memory16GB G.Skill RipJaws V DDR4-2400
      GraphicsMSI Radeon R9 390 Gaming 8G
      Disc Drive 1250GB Crucial BX100 2.5"
      Disc Drive 22000GB WD Blue 3.5"
      Disc Drive 3-
      PSU650W Seasonic G Series Modular 80+ Gold
      CasePhanteks Enthoo Pro
      Monitor24" & 19" Samsung TFTs
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          Very nice upgrade! How do you like the Noctua cooler?

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              Thanks! I do like it so far. At idle it keeps CPU below 30C with ease. Of course inside Phanteks I have at back one 140mm (stock), at front one 200mm (stock) and at top 2x 120mm (Corsair red LED versions), so those help with temps a lot. Haven´t checked temps during in game yet. At stress tests at 4.7GHz it did mostly stay under 70C. But, just as precaution, for now I run it at 4.5 until I have time to find safe voltage to push it bit further again. Don´t wanna fry my new rig this early.


              It´s quiet, which is a good thing. If you can live with facts that it´s stock fans aren´t maybe in the prettiest color theme. They are just normal 120mm fans so can be replaced easily... and second fact that it´s one massive block. Well, two massive blocks actually cause of twin towers. And as you can see, it also blocks a view to mobo and nice red theme memory sticks...


              I had older one block Noctua before, and they do tend to keep things cool and running. You can get other good CPU coolers cheaper for sure, but... I do like of Noctuas.

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              Great upgrade!  It was my pleasure to help you with coolers. This Noctua is great choice too. I was recommended Fera because I have a good experience with this, and I can choose it for Reasonably Priced CPU Cooler .


              BTW: Very good choose of SSD drive.

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                  Thanks! And Fera was good choice to me too, but... Wanting to OC on air as much as I can, that´s how my choice was made. I did think bout AIO liquid coolers too, but didn´t want to play around with em this time. Maybe some day in a future might sink the whole setup into a mineral oil aquarium. Place some plastic plants, sunken treasure chests and ships...  And a rubber duck on top.


                  And thanks, I was surfing for a long time for reviews and all and that SSD did caught my eye.