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    15.11 amd 15.11.1 crashing on fresh install of Windows 10


      I just put together a new system however, when I began to install 15.11 drivers, I heard the fan on the video card go to max and the system froze. So I tried 15.11.1. Same thing., Thought maybe the card was bad but I then decided to install a fresh copy of 7, 15.11 installed with no issues. Even ran 3dMark a few times.

      It's been about a year since I bought a AMD card. I got a great deal on a 290x 3gb and slapped it in the new system. I'm thinking of installing 7 and then upgrading to 10 and see how that works however I don't have a copy of 7 with UEFI.


      Is this a recent issue with AMD drivers?


      My system

      i5-2500k not overclocked yet

      16gb ram ddr3

      1tb WD

      290x 3gb

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          The assumption is that you are talking about the 15.11.1b Crimsons, and not the 15.11.1b Catalysts. (For some reason AMD elected to label the 15.11.1b Crimson release by the same version # as the 15.11.1b Catalyst release--I can't find the 15.11.1b Catalysts anywhere on the AMD site so I assume you mean the Crimsons.  Please correct if I guess wrong...;))


          One thing to note is you no longer have to first install Win7/8 to upgrade to Win10--beginning with version 1511 of Win10--released last month--you can clean install with Win10 and then activate with your Win7/8 product key.  They've made it much easier to upgrade. I'd go there, burn a DVD, then boot from DVD and clean install.  When the first prompt for your key comes up, press the "Skip this" button and proceed.  Then, after the OS is installed and booted to desktop, activate with your Win7 key.


          No, there is no issue with either the drivers or the hardware that would cause the symptoms you have experienced--except, be sure you aren't trying to install the WDDM 2.0 Windows 10 drivers into Windows 7--because Win7 doesn't support WDDM 2.0--and attempting that might very well lock up on you (or vice-versa).  For Win7 you should go here and pick an earlier driver. But like I say, I'd clean-install 10...and then use your Win7 key to activate.

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              Yes I was referring to the latest drivers available which is 15.11 and beta.

              Thank you however I already knew that, I am a computer tech. The purpose of upgrading to 10 from 7 was to see if 10 would work. Windows 10 on a fresh install hard freezes as soon as 280x drivers are installed. I also installed 15.10, it did not freezes however it did give me a black screen with mouse cursor. I was force to hard shut down the system.


              I do not understand how a fresh install of Windows 7 with latest drivers for 280x works with no issues while windows 10 instantly freezes when installing 15.11, beta drivers, and 15.10.

              Also, I attempted to upgrade to 10 from 7 after installing latest drivers and during the upgrade process it BSOD. I am guessing the drivers caused the issue.


              Sometime tomorrow (Monday) I will install Windows 8.1 to see if it works or freezes.


              Any ideas what could be causing the system to hang in 10 when installing drivers?

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                  Does your drivers crash when you get to the desktop or when you're installing the drivers? Also do you get an error like "Display Drivers stopped working"? BSOD as well sometimes?


                  I'm experiencing a slight different issue, but both latest drivers (even with Windows 10 self update) it crashes on the desktop and when I reverted to Windows 7 it works 100% well.


                  I have Windows 10 Pro x64 and R9 270x

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                Try installing driver version 15.7.1 they seem to be the most stable for windows 10 at the moment.

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                  I have an AMD enduro system. I installed the Crimson 15.11.1 driver without any AMD problem. However my Intel vga driver crashed during the install. After reboot works just fine. I think this happened to me only, as you not said too much about your system.