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15.11 amd 15.11.1 crashing on fresh install of Windows 10

Question asked by f9zslavik on Dec 13, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by h3llr3is3r

I just put together a new system however, when I began to install 15.11 drivers, I heard the fan on the video card go to max and the system froze. So I tried 15.11.1. Same thing., Thought maybe the card was bad but I then decided to install a fresh copy of 7, 15.11 installed with no issues. Even ran 3dMark a few times.

It's been about a year since I bought a AMD card. I got a great deal on a 290x 3gb and slapped it in the new system. I'm thinking of installing 7 and then upgrading to 10 and see how that works however I don't have a copy of 7 with UEFI.


Is this a recent issue with AMD drivers?


My system

i5-2500k not overclocked yet

16gb ram ddr3

1tb WD

290x 3gb