Strange Display corruption or something else going on?

Discussion created by sean144800 on Dec 12, 2015

Lately I've been browsing and posting on a few different technical support websites trying to find an answer to a problem I've been having, so far I've done nothing but stump anyone who see's whats been happening and I don't see how something so specific could be a form of display corruption. Essentially the issue I'm having is as follows;

In Skyrim, War Thunder, and probably other games I haven't encountered it in yet as well, I am getting bizarre geometry/mesh frames that should be transparent showing up in-game.
This is happening on a brand-new Sapphire 290x Tri-x


The issue has persisted through the crimson update and remains unchanged with windows default drivers and three different previous driver versions I had backed up.

As best I can guess it seems as if transparent or maybe parallax textures are causing underlying meshes to become visible, in Skyrim it only happens in areas of water displacement which has been replaced by ENB's front-end rendering. In warthunder it happens in any transparent bomb crater. At the bottom right of the area I circled in the third photo there's a hexagon of lines that connects to a center vertex, then to a whole grid of other hexes everywhere there is displacement, it really looks like part of the water geometry is showing but I have no idea what would cause that. I've tried every CCC setting including none and uninstalling or just keeping it from starting, I've even migrated Skyrim to an SSD to see if it was a faulty hard drive. I'm out of ideas apart from it being an insanely specific type of display corruption, but that doesn't make sense either and I've certainly never seen anything like it before among troubleshooting forums or websites. I think the issue may have started after upgrading to Windows 10, but to be honest, I'm not entirely sure. I want to be positive this is something wrong with the chip before I go through the RMA process and potentially throw out a fair chunk of change to the USPS-Hawaii just to have the same card end up back in my rig two weeks later.

PC Specs:

660 Platinum Seasonic PSU from what I read here 290X PSU Power Output Tests this is more than enough for my system


8350 be @ 4.4

1866 Ripjaws downclocked to 1600 to be easier on the IMC

M5A Evo r 2 motherboard.

Win10 64

Bios is up-to-date, and I'm using the latest Crimson Drivers as well.