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    disabling non primary displays


      How can I disable a non primary display on the new "crimson" interface? I used to watch videos on the TV and then disable it to use the monitor on native 1920 x 1200 definition. Since Crimson I have to use the monitor on 1920x1080... please I can't find the answer.



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          Unfortunately you may need to roll back to our latest Catalyst driver to restore this functionality. We are still porting over some features from Catalyst into future Crimson drivers.

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            I have a 7950hd 3gb oc sapphire dual x gpu and use my main monitor but also an hd tv LG 42ld550 and the lack of this feature made me roll back to 15.9b ccc and drivers. is there any way for the same old interface to use the newer drivers until the porting is complete?

            I was rather disappointed that this deficit was not mentioned in the release notes. I lost some pre sets along the way. not a huge deal but still a pain in the neck and sense that no one really cared much. and my gpu is not really very old and should have informed people that crimson wasnt as great , yet, as it may one day be.