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Radeon Color Settings Wont Load on Boot

Question asked by seinar2 on Dec 12, 2015

I have a dual monitor set up, one monitor being my laptop monitor and the other being an asus monitor. I have calibrated both screens using the Crimson software, however when I reboot the computer both settings are lost. They only load when I go into AMD Radeon Settings, Preferences, Radeon Additional Settings...then the color settings I have calibrated will load. I do not have to recalibrate, the settings are saved, its just that they wont load when the computer boots up. I have also gone into windows color management, change system defaults, and have unchecked the use window display calibration. Anyone else experiencing this issue? My laptop is an HP Envy (don't know model number), with an FX-8800p APU, my second monitor is an ASUS VE276. Thanks.