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    Linux driver un-usable




      I have a system which I know is far from being the best, but I still think it should be able to have a decent graphical performance when playing, for instance, HD 1080p movies (I don't need to run 3D games or anything, although some 3D desktop effects would be nice).


      Whenever I play an youtube movie with 1080p there is noticeable lag and the CPU usage goes to 80/90%.


      Initially, I only had the APU (Radeon HD6410) so I thought it would be a limitation on the HW, so I added a PCIe HD7450 to work in dual graphics mode, but the performance is the same. Therefore, I now suspect it should be a driver problem, rather than HW limitation.


      I've tried the X.Org driver wrapper that comes by default with my linux distribution, which strangely provides the best results (but still not as expected). With the fglrx driver (installed in the "proprietary drivers" - "software & updates" app), the system becomes practically un-usable, for instance, dragging windows take ages, and the 1080p movies are impossible to see...


      Having this in mind, I'd like to ask for advice on how to take the best from my HW.

      - Would it help if I change distro?

      - Would it help if I install the fglrx drivers in a different way (maybe compiling it?)

      - Would it even so be an HW limitation?




      My system details:

      MB:     Asrock a-75M-ITX (BIOS configured to use dual-graphics)

      RAM:     8GB RAM DDR3 DualChannel (512MB shared with APU)

      APU:    AMD A4-3400 APU with Radeon HD 6410 integrated

      GPU:    PCIe Radeon HD 7450 2GB (Dual-graphics config together with HP 6410)

      OS:    Linux LXLE based on ubuntu 14