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Fury x shut down pc with drivers installed

Question asked by erwing on Dec 12, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by erwing

hi, like 2 weeks ago my pc started to shut down without any reason, so i start to look for the reason of my problem, check all the components and the gpu was the reason, i look for info about my problem in the internet and did a lot of things to tried to solve this but i cant do anything if my pc shuts down after 2 -5 min after i turn it on, well, i got my HD 7870 back from a friend, and with this gpu my pc works just fine, i install my fury x again reformatted Windows 10 and installed my drivers and programs "without internet connection and gpu drivers" and the system works just fine, but the moment i connect the ethernet cable i dont know what windows 10 downloads but the system shuts down again, turn on the pc and i see the catalyst drivers. i want to know if this is the driver problem, or should i get a fury x replacement, thx in advanced. and sorry, my grammar sucks