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artifacts on windows 10 only while driver is installed

Question asked by on Dec 11, 2015

Title says it all. I have a HD6850 it has worked with windows 10 with no issues since tech preview period until now. TODAY I started getting artifacts on desktop and display driver crashes. I uninstalled the driver to change to a R9 290x, to see if in was in fact the card, and I had no issues at all. So I uninstall the 290x's drivers and went back to the 6850 (this is an htpc) and the artifacts started up again. I thought about it and didn't remember seeing artifacts when I was re-downloading the catalyst drivers (in case the first ones were messed up). So I uninstalled all AMD software and drivers and i have no issues at all now. I tried installing ONLY the drivers and still have the same artifact issues. Any help would be greatly appreciated.