The Enabler.

Discussion created by danik on Dec 11, 2015
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This is my PC. I'm not sure what to call my PC, but my PC does enable me to run the programs that I require at the moment soooooo the enabler seems suitable.

Im currently running

FX-8370 (OC to 4.5GHZ) - Cooled by close loop Thermaltake Water 2.0

Sapphire R9-270 (OCed at 970C-MHZ & 1450M-MHZ)


16GB 1600MHZ Patriot RAM

Crucial MX100 250GB SSD

630W PSU

and some random white enermax case.


I'm always on a budget being a Teen, but I've been able to get this far within 5 years. Don't hate on me for the lack of cable management or color scheme . Some of the cables aren't long enough and im always taking out some components in order to run some other builds at OHS Computer Club.20151211_180008.jpg