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Red Screen Freeze with latest Crimson Driver, R9 380 2GB

Question asked by muximori on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2015 by muximori

I've been having this problem since installing the crimson driver, after updating from Catalyst 15.201.1151.1005


It's happened a few times now, always in Elite Dangerous. The system will hardlock with a red screen and the audio will skip. After it happened the first time I read up online about the fan lock speed issue and made sure to update to the latest crimson driver, yet it still happened again.


For now I've rolled back to the Catalyst driver, but I'm pretty unimpressed by this. It's a brand new, expensive video card. If I can provide any further info that may help the team test the latest driver correctly with my card, I would be happy to help.