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Windows 10 will not shut down or restart with Crossfire enabled

Question asked by mikehayden on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2015 by mikehayden

I just installed a second R7 370 card today and now Windows 10 will not shut down or restart when Crossfire is enabled.  Windows will load if i power down the PC and power it back on.  I deinstalled CCC/drivers (ver 15.30.1025) and reinstalled without any success.



32 GB Ribjaws 4 DDR4 SDRAM

Corsair AX860i Power supply


Not sure what other system information you may need.


I followed the procedure for deselecting "Disable ULPS" and modifying the registry entries from another thread on Windows 10 hanging.  The option reselects after a reboot. 

I also found that the fans on my GPU go 100% when I enable Crossfire.