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Do I have to use Eyefinity for Multi-monitor

Question asked by hyevltg3 on Dec 11, 2015

I just recently "Reset PC" on Win10.

Had to reinstall a few drivers, GPU included.

R9 390


Just got this "Crimson Edition" Latest Drivers from AMD and installed it.

everything looks fine except I use three monitors(2 monitors, 1 TV) and have been for ages, worked fine on the old Software before this Crimson.


I have 1 monitor in Portrait mode and in the old software I had everything set to "Extend" and just rotated the Portrait monitor. Everything worked as I wanted.

Now I cannot do any of the above with this new Crimson Edition. cannot rotate, and I cannot enable more than one monitor if I choose to not use Eyefinity, what gives?

Please help.