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r9 380 2GB red screen crash with latest crimson driver

Question asked by muximori on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by galexwhite

I've been using this card for a couple of months without problem. After upgrading to the latest Crimson driver I had a red screen crash while playing Elite: Dangerous. After searching the web I discovered there is a fan locking problem with this driver, so I installed the hotfixed version, after running the DDU in safe mode. I then got the red screen crash again soon after.


I have reverted to the catalyst driver (15.201.1151.1005) for now, but hopefully AMD can get this problem fixed, especially since there is an ongoing issue with Elite Dangerous which will hopefully be fixed in a future release.


I'm running windows 10.


If there is any further information I can provide to help fix this issue, I would be glad to provide it.