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random but often AMD Display Driver failed, I have tried uninstalling, reinstalling latest, hardware malfunctioning?

Question asked by nohomelikerome on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2015 by nohomelikerome

So no matter what I do, specifically with games and more demanding things like 1080p 60fps videos, my AMD Display driver will randomly crash. This happens very often with say higher end games, and a bit less often with Emulators, and rarely with HD Videos/Streams but still happens none the less. Sometimes when playing games I will manage to get a good few hour session in but most of the time I'm crashing somewhat consistently until something happens.


I've monitored my temperatures, they stay under 60 *C, including all of my other hardware is all in safe/good temperature ranges. I've tried uninstalling and using the default windows drivers, I've even tried uninstalling with AMD's uninstaller and still this problem persists.(Take note I've made sure I'm using the correct latest R7 200 series driver for my computer)  Underclocking my GPU has done nothing nor has overclocking it or increasing the power supply (I'm unable to increase the voltage I suppose because its a built in graphics card or something). I am able to somewhat play games, I've gotten at least 20 hours in on some games. But the constant threat of random Crashes is extremely game breaking for me no matter what it is.


Originally this computer, supposedly R7 250 2gb graphics was running with NIVIDA software on here as it used to have a GTwhatever with it. I haven't wiped my C drive with windows 10 yet as a last resort in hopes somehow I'll be able to fix this. I've uninstalled and removed registry for the NIVIDA software but I think it may be the underlining reason why this is happening which is why I'm considering wiping everything. From my google history I found a manual uninstall thing for drivers that involves going into system32 or something but I didn't ever follow up with it. I'm not sure if that's what I need to do or what.


Any help would be appreciated