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Adress to send back damaged graphics by CRIMSON

Question asked by alirio on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 6, 2016 by alirio

Dear Sirs,


I've a fried VTX3D HD 7970 RADEON X-Edition after installing first Crimson software. I'm absolutely sure about that correlation.


I have to cards in crossfire about 2/3 years ago. So, I was playing Crysis 3, as usual, and after 5 minutes with Crimson, the game frozen. Not even possible to shutdown the machine. I've made tests, reformatted Windows 10, everything. Blue screens, vertical stripes, etc. No matter trying different PCI slots. The first Crossfire card is ruined.


Please, some AMD consumer staff, tell me where to send the invoice from Amazon UK.


I demand a new card, an R9 280X to complete my Crossfire.