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r9270x blank screen

Question asked by akieeeyyy on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 13, 2015 by akieeeyyy

Hi guys.. So this problem occurred when I playing games and suddenly  my monitor just show blank screen. So I restart my pc and then blue screen appeared saying that windows dont start correctly. Restarted again and it get me pass the msi boot screen but that's it.just a blank screen after the boot screen.wait for two hours still no change so I thought this maybe problem with OS so i did a clean install(don't know why I do that) and the problem gone..But after a minutes in desktop the blank screen happen again.Read some forum it says that maybe my gpu driver is messing so I use DDU(display driver uninstaller) to remove the driver.Using DDU works fine so window detect my display as "microsoft basic display adapter". Install the latest driver from amd(the crimson one) and during the installation of "amd driver display" my screen just go blank again with no change. At this point I dont know if my gpu or my psu is the problem because I can't try my system anywhere else. So I hope you guys can help me.. Thanks


System Specs

Windows 8.1 pro

Sapphire r9 270x Dual x

Seasonic S12g Gold 550wt Psu

Msi 970 gaming motherboard