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    AMD Crimson drivers ruined bf4 play on windows 10




      I felt I had to atleast share this info, in the hopes that it will soon be fixed.


      I recently upgraded to win10. mainly in the hopes fallout 4 would run a bit better, since in win7 it was making me cry.MD


      After installing AMD latest crimson drivers i felt a slight ( but im talking like 5 fps or so ) improvement to fallout 4


      however, when i started playing battlefield 4 again, which is my main game to play, and i have over 2000 hours in it, i felt something weird.


      first off, fps was stable as before, and it seemed to all work fine. probably looked a bit more stable even then before.


      but after 5 min of play time i started to notice these sort of shakey micro lags, or whatever you want to call it.. also, my performance as a player when down drasticly.. i mean, from a top 3 player to a mid scoreboard at best.. my kd did not go over 1,5 eventho normally i am around 2/3 kd.


      it seems there is some sort of latency or lag that is not measured by bf4, because according to bf4 all is fine, but this "shaking" and "laggin" makes gaming impossible, for one because it gives me a headache to watch the screen


      anyone else have experienced this? any fixes?


      i rolled back to catalyst 15.11.1 beta and now it seems to work better, but ofcourse fallout 4 now runs less well.

      i got a sapphire r9 280x card with intel i5 4690k OC at 4,3 ghz and gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI with 16g ram

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          i've got the same problem with my R9 390 and BF4.

          In fact, with everything on ultra, i can't play with vsync enabled...game seems not fluid, some micro-lags and flickering, although with vsync disabled i can reach more than 90-100 FPS. My monitor is 60 Hz.

          I tried also to play with no vsync at all, but in some maps, for example lost islands, stuttering is intolerable.
          My friends can play BF4 with GTX 970 with no problem at all...seems to be a joke that an AMD game runs a lot better with NVIDIA cards...


          My specs are: i5 6600k stock clock, msi z170 gaming m5, 16 gb corsair ddr4, ssd 850 evo, corsair rm750i, XFX R9 390 8DB6 and Windows 10 Pro x64.


          Have you found any solutions besides going back to 15.11.1?




          P.S. i use directx 11. Tried mantle but everything was lagging a lot more.

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              This sounds like an issue with the Flip-queue size being set too low but I cannot confirm.  I can point you the direction of a new driver tweaking utility on Guru3D though.


              As with anything that modifies the Windows Registry, use at your own risk.  "Flip Queue Size" is for DX9 games supposedly and Main3D_DEF/Main3D is for DX10/11.  I cannot confirm changing these overrides AMD's set Flip Queue Size for BF4 or any other game, this is a fairly new tool.


              RadeonMod (Tweak Utility) - Guru3D.com Forums



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                Well, in the end i found that windows 10 was to blame partly for some of the problems, and too buggy for me, since when i went back to win7 it was much less of a problem
                however,  the crimson driver was responsible for the rest of the issues and i will just wait for the next version of it, since this one is just not working for me, and everyone else in my

                bf4 friendlist that runs R9 cards has the same conclussion, don't use crimson.


                at the moment I run windows 7 again, I also would urge you as a battlefield player to not use v-sync because your performance will suffer as a player,

                its important to minimize input and/or output lag..surface format optimization is enabled by default, i disabled it, and it made me suddenly a much better player..


                (you start to notice it in subtile moment where you would think there is no way you could have lost that fight, especially in close quarters you notice the difference)


                I would advice makin a user.cfg file and adding the following lines in it:


                PerfOverlay.DrawFps 1


                GameTime.MaxVariableFps 121

                RenderDevice.VSyncEnable 0


                RenderDevice.TripleBufferingEnable 0


                RenderDevice.RenderAheadLimit 0


                in my experience 121 fps on a 60 hz monitor (i have one too) is about as smooth as it can be without input or output lag.


                I still have some weird issues with my mouse and keyboard, which are driving me nuts.. it seems like whenever i swipe my mouse to hard, the game/screen/mouse freezes for a second.. enough time to get killed twice.


                eventho this problem was never there before, I can't be 100% sure its caused by the driver, it might also just be that my mouse broke at the same moment, but i highly doubt it.


                I am honestly convinced that this will be my last amd product ever, since its not performing as it should, drivers are terrible and mantle is one big joke


                feel free to add me in battlelog (Major_Headhurt) to exchange information about how to make it run more smoothly or if you need more explained about the user.cfg option (there are many many more commands that you could use)




                thanks for that tip, i might look into it, eventho i am usually very carefull with editing registry since i know very little about it.

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                    I have similar problem, recently I have installed Windows 10 and the problem suddenly appeared. Could you tell me what exact type of your graphic card is? Mine is sapphire r9 280x vapor-x first version with two fans. The card is stock OCed to 1070 MHz. I have up to date AMD crimson drivers for W10 version 15.12.

                    With new Windows and crimson drivers I have spotted decrease of performance. For instance I have approximately 5-10% decrease of FPS, afterburner and other monitoring software shows only 950 MHz core clock instead of 1070 MHz, which is frequency without boost.

                    Second problem - I have two mice, both Logitech (G700, G700s) issues appears on both of them. Every ten minutes of playing BF4 or Hardline my mouse freezes and my soldier go in one direction (it is definitely different problem then mouse, because a have tried it on both of them).

                    This issue seems to be driver related and no other game doesn´t appear.


                    Thank you for your advice.


                    My important specs: i5-2500K@4,5 GHz, 16GB DDR3, mouse Logitech G700 and G700s, Display: common IPS 60Hz display

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                  I can confirm that going back to 15.11.1 beta drivers resolved most of my problems (also a problem with gps flickering in GTA 5).
                  I reported all of these bugs with AMD bug report.....I hope they will resolve with the next driver version.

                  Thank you all for your support.