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AMD Crimson drivers ruined bf4 play on windows 10

Question asked by bramwazig on Dec 11, 2015
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I felt I had to atleast share this info, in the hopes that it will soon be fixed.


I recently upgraded to win10. mainly in the hopes fallout 4 would run a bit better, since in win7 it was making me cry.MD


After installing AMD latest crimson drivers i felt a slight ( but im talking like 5 fps or so ) improvement to fallout 4


however, when i started playing battlefield 4 again, which is my main game to play, and i have over 2000 hours in it, i felt something weird.


first off, fps was stable as before, and it seemed to all work fine. probably looked a bit more stable even then before.


but after 5 min of play time i started to notice these sort of shakey micro lags, or whatever you want to call it.. also, my performance as a player when down drasticly.. i mean, from a top 3 player to a mid scoreboard at best.. my kd did not go over 1,5 eventho normally i am around 2/3 kd.


it seems there is some sort of latency or lag that is not measured by bf4, because according to bf4 all is fine, but this "shaking" and "laggin" makes gaming impossible, for one because it gives me a headache to watch the screen


anyone else have experienced this? any fixes?


i rolled back to catalyst 15.11.1 beta and now it seems to work better, but ofcourse fallout 4 now runs less well.

i got a sapphire r9 280x card with intel i5 4690k OC at 4,3 ghz and gigabyte GA-Z97X-SLI with 16g ram