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With my integrated 3000 card,  Doom 3 and Quake 4 seem to load off the cd but then nothing. One time with Doom 3 t seemed to open but when I clicked on play, nada? Is it my card or an adjustment I need??

Question asked by cpkphil on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2015 by cpkphil

As noted in the title, I have an integrated ATI Radeon 3000 card. When I try to load Doom 3 or Quake 4, it seems to download onto my pc. Once done I get an icon that has the game logo and a small box with an arrow. When I click on it to go to the next step, sometimes I get a note that says to open as administrator, which I do, but nothing happens. Once with Doom 3, I did get the game page that has play on it, I clicked on play and nada. Is it that this is just a crappy card or do I need to adjust something I am not aware of?? Thanx PG