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NEW Undocumented Nvidia highest resolution antialiasing mode.

Question asked by diausdi on Dec 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2015 by pinform

I have found a new undocumented antialiasing mode.


IT-Scene Style Intro: "The 4K Series" w/ NEW UNDOCUMENTED HIGHEST RES ANTIALIASING MODE - "UltimAA". - YouTube


The new mode is demonstrated here on Unreal "Skaarj Generator" in 4k + the undocumented 3x3 Supersampling + 4x SGSS -no MSAA-  Nvidia mode. They complement eachother, aligning to the highest possible antialiasing. Furthermore anisotropic optimizations must be off, and filtering set to 2x, and LOD Bias -0.5. This is not documented, but possible. This is near the very optimal of psychovisual "high resolution", other modes will just be more blur, so an ultimate setting!


Shall we give it a name? UltimAA?


You may also need a compatibility bit, use  Nvidia Inspector and look here for some: - Unreal Gold: 0x40000018.


Video repeats, without an encoding pass and overlay. Also features a Trap.sid remix.


I am letting you know, so that you and developers can use this also in refining technology, and push low-jitter/latency and bandwidth.


Peace Be With You.