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    medieval total war 1 gold edition




      I come back to this forum because last time the community was very helpful here.


      The problem I have now is with an older game Medieval Total War 1 Gold Edition. Since I use Windows 10 combination with my Radeon R7 graphics card I can run the game, but the ingame menu's disappear when I click on them or want to open them. For example when I right click units normally I get an unit info box. I see it flashing for a second and then it's gone. All other in game menu's I cannot even open.


      In the support forum from the game I found that some people can run the game normally on Windows 10 but they all use Nvidia cards.


      So I tried some different settings with my card, I tried different compatibility modes, I tried run as an administrator and verify the cache files from my game and run the game directly from the folder. I even tried it with the DxWnd app to run older Windows games but I cannot get it done.


      In my games library this is the only one at the moment I can't run and I have over 250 games on my system.


      The game starts normally, all 3D parts, the map, the models and interface works fine, but as soon I need a 2d menu pop up it won't let me.


      I hope someone here can manage to get this game to work on Windows 10 with AMD graphics card. Maybe someone with knowledge of the difference between Nvidia and AMD knows a solution because I think it's some problem with the older directx version and how commands are handled.


      Anyway thank you for your help.