Crimson drivers causing fps drops in all games thanks to extremely aggressive power saving

Discussion created by freedomofchoice352 on Dec 10, 2015
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When I play any game that isn't some 2D game I get major fps drops thanks to the drivers being way too aggressive with the core clock in games. If I enable vsync ingame or limit fps to 60 in drivers with framerate control (I use 60hz monitor) the core clocks stay too low which causes frustrating fluctuation. Obviously uncapping the fps works because the gpu pumps out frames like mad but it isn't a solution. Using catalyst 15.11.1 works wonders but I really want to use crimson.


PC Specs:

CPU i7 2600k @ stock

GPU msi r9 380 @ stock

asus p8p67 motherboard

8gb ram

windows 10 x64 enterprise