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Can we expect a new beta driver soon? Looking for fixes for Fallout 4 compass and more...

Question asked by sirmatthewofhodge on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by sirmatthewofhodge

     I appreciate these things take time, and it was nice to get crimson 15.11.1. It fixed an annoying bug in Star Wars Battlefront regarding black shadows on the Ice caves map.

However I'm still getting a lot of corrupt textures in a handful of games.

1. The compass in Fallout 4 is still messed up. (although mentioned it was fixed with 300 series cards, people are still getting it, including my 290x, and even on 7970s)

2. The minimap in GTA 5 is corrupted when setting a destination. So similar to the glitch above it seems to be related.

3. Texture corruption in the upper right side of screen in Shadow of Mordor, in a shaded area used for mission objectives etc.

Again, very similar to the other glitches.

4. Starwars Battlefront. Corruption in some text in the menus in shaded areas, and your character in the loadout screen has corruption on his face, like my profile picture.


     All of these are so alike, I would be shocked if they were separate issues within the driver. These issues weren't in 15.7.1. They started with crimson 15.11, and continue with crimson beta 15.11.1.


My system includes a I7 4790k and a  R9 290x with windows 8.1 64bit. These issues are happening on 7970s up to R9 300 series cards.


It has been mentioned that amd is working on a fix, can we expect it soon?

I like the crimson drivers and new suite, I just want this stuff fixed.

I am aware of workarounds, but I'm hoping we'll get a new driver soon.