Sapphire Freesync lie

Discussion created by diogorg on Dec 11, 2015
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I did buy a Sapphire R9 280x in Oct 28, 2015. Here at my country, Brazil.
The web page about my model, was lying about freesync technology.
Telling that it have freesync. But, unfortunately I just discovered that it doesnt after buying the card, an expenseve LG monitor (with freesync) and 3 displayport cable (yes, I tried a lot to make the freesync runs).


I have spent a lot of money because of a lie.
So, 3 days ago I opened a ticket with Sapphire Tech.


They admited the error, apologized and ask to change my card for a R9 290. (and they fix the webpage hiding the freesync feature, I saved the old version and a cache version)


The problem is, to change my card they say to me I have to care about all costs to send my card and to get the other back.
From my country (Brazil) to US. And probably I will have to pay in shipping and taxes more than a new R9 290! And I will wait for a long time.


I ask, what's the difference between what they did and what volkswagen did?


Im really upset. I feel bad about all this situation and Im thinking to call a lawer both in Brazil and US.
And decided to come here to post this problem to see what AMD think about all this.