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    Sapphire Freesync lie


      I did buy a Sapphire R9 280x in Oct 28, 2015. Here at my country, Brazil.
      The web page about my model, was lying about freesync technology.
      Telling that it have freesync. But, unfortunately I just discovered that it doesnt after buying the card, an expenseve LG monitor (with freesync) and 3 displayport cable (yes, I tried a lot to make the freesync runs).


      I have spent a lot of money because of a lie.
      So, 3 days ago I opened a ticket with Sapphire Tech.


      They admited the error, apologized and ask to change my card for a R9 290. (and they fix the webpage hiding the freesync feature, I saved the old version and a cache version)


      The problem is, to change my card they say to me I have to care about all costs to send my card and to get the other back.
      From my country (Brazil) to US. And probably I will have to pay in shipping and taxes more than a new R9 290! And I will wait for a long time.


      I ask, what's the difference between what they did and what volkswagen did?


      Im really upset. I feel bad about all this situation and Im thinking to call a lawer both in Brazil and US.
      And decided to come here to post this problem to see what AMD think about all this.

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          What are the Consumer Rights Laws in your country. You may know or may need to find out your rights.


          In the UK the law is:

          If a product is sold by misleading the customer, you return the product and you can get your money back. It is also against the law and you can prosecute if it has effected you (forced to pay postage) (Trading Standards) What Volkswagen did, loads of people are claiming compensation here.

          If a product does not have an as expected or acceptable length of life (breaks 1 days after a years warranty) you can get a replacement, they pay for postage. They can argue it, but will likely give in. (Trading Standards)

          If you warranty says if it breaks within a year we will replace it, they can then charge for postage and can repair or give you a re build one. (Depends on the warranty and laws in the country. Australia is really good for this.)

          Your free to return the product within 28 days, for whatever reason. Provided its not been used, still in packaging etc. (But yours was sold misleadingly)


          I don't know the laws in Brazil, you might be able to request your money back on the misleading part. But I think they will ask you to pay however much more the 290 costs, I don't think additional taxes are needed. So 280 is $300 including taxes, the 290 is $320, you should just pay $20 if you want that card. (prices just to prove a point). They sold you and maybe others and now want you to buy something more expensive + more.


          I would ask/demand for my money back, from whoever sold it. Try to do it face to face or via the phone. Keep copies of emails and letters. They are in the wrong here. Does Brazil have any government body who deals with consumer problems?