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Multiple BSOD's AMD Radeon HD 6900 series

Question asked by cutting_edgetech on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 16, 2015 by cutting_edgetech

I'm having multiple BSOD's on my Windows 7X64 Ultimate OS. I have all the latest security patches installed. I rarely ever have had a BSOD in the past. I checked the minidumps with BlueScreenView, and it points to SCSIPORT.sys, and ntoskrnl.exe as the cause. Before I had this BSOD I was having multiple BSOD so I rolled my computer back to an image I made 5 months ago with Shadow Protect, and then updated Windows. I hoped that would fix the problem, but it obviously did not. BlueScreenView pointed to something different as the cause for each of the previous BSOD's, but I think two of them were drivers that are used by my video card. These BSOD started about 3-4 works ago, and gradually got worse. It makes me wonder if maybe a recent Microsoft update is not working well with my video card drivers. I say this because I'm using the same video card drivers that I have for the past 6 months, but some of the minidumps seem to point to video card components. Why would the video card drivers just now start giving me BSOD's unless a recent update from Microsoft, or some other software is causing the conflict. I also have Eset Smart Security 8, AppGuard, Shadow Defender (used on-demand), and Malware-Bytes Antiexploit installed. Below are the other drivers that BlueScreenView pointed to as the culprit for the recent BSOD's I have had in the past few days. BlueScreenView pointed to ntoskrnl.exe in every minidump.






Thank You for your help!