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      My daily driver that I use for work and gaming. It needs alittle maintenance been quite busy so its abit dusty. The 7970/280x both have closed loop water cooling (DIY mods), which has helped keep the noise and temperature down from stock air cooling. They both clock about 1200 Core at 1.256v and 1600 Memory at stock voltage. They were pretty good for 1440p at 60 FPS however even these cards are starting to show their age. I'm hoping to upgrade possibly Fury X Crossfire or Gemini if pricing becomes affordable, our exchange rate is pretty bad currently.  





      CPUIntel 4930k
      CoolerCorsair H110
      MotherboardAsus Sabertooth X79
      Memory24GB DDR3
      GraphicsAMD 7970/280x Crossfire
      Disc Drive 1Samsung 850 Evo 250 Raid0
      Disc Drive 2Hitachi Ultrastar 1TB Raid1
      Disc Drive 3WD Green 2TB
      PSUOCZ 850 Gold
      CaseCorsair 500R
      MonitorAsus PB278Q
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          looks good! hows that crossfire preforming?

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              Okay in most situations however although it requires more work than it's worth. My recommendation just purchase a single powerful graphics card for the current generation. Reason is alot of games lack multi gpu support, and if it does, often you have to do quite a few tweaks to get it to work properly.


              For instance frame pacing is done through software on Tahiti XT, so I still see a slight judder here and there and it still doesn't seem smooth at times and this is with vsync on. When crossfire is disabled don't quite have that issue. Although I think this was fixed via hardware on Hawaii+ GPUs due to transferring card communication to the faster PCI-E bus rather than Crossfire fingers. 

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              I'm hoping you didn't name it based on the rig leaking when it's not running like an actual SR71.  On the other hand, if the overclock is so high that the thermal output causes the cooler to seal under load then that's hilariously awesome.

              Seriously though, that's a lot of RAM, I only see two sticks, does that make those 12GB DIMMs?

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                  I named it the SR71 due to the amount of heat output once the cards are under load infact I turned the intakes to exhaust, with twin mounted Gentle Typhoons Ap-15s wish they'd put these back on the market great fans. Luckily its a 500R so the side ventilation have become intakes.


                  Its 24GB of ram the smaller sticks are the Samsung Wonder Ram kits (4x2) which are low profile hence why you can't see them. The other kit is a Crucial Sport XTs (16x2) which are in blue.


                  I like having extra I usually have alot of applications open that are RAM heavy.