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3-display issues with R9 270X, Crimson 15.11

Question asked by stamminator on Dec 10, 2015
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I am running an MSI Radeon R9 270X (bought new December 2014) on my Windows 10 64-bit machine. For many months, I was running three monitors using a DVI-D SL, DVI-D DL, and an HDMI with no issues. I must mention that I am 100% sure that I was not using the Display Port and was not using any active adapters of any kind—just a passive HDMI to DVI-D adapter for my third screen which (I thought) didn't have an HDMI (turns out it does, I was just being stupid). I never had any issues running 3 screens, whether it was my on-disc drivers or up-to-date ones from AMD, on Windows 7 or when I updated to Windows 10.


Fast forward to one month ago. I ran a Catalyst update, and was no longer able to run 3 screens. I have tried every permutation imaginable of drivers / software (native, on-disc, latest from AMD, latest via Windows update, Catalyst beta, Crimson), using the official AMD Cleanup Utility in-between every try with complete reboots—the whole shebang. I've tried having Catalyst without Crimson, Catalyst with Crimson, and Crimson without Catalyst. No matter what I did, I was not able to get back to outputting to 3 displays until I bought an active HDMI to DP adapter. Now, I'm running 3 screens again, but it's incredibly buggy in comparison to what it was before. I have tried those various driver / software permutations again, this time with the active adapter, and it hasn't helped the bugginess.


Here's the buggy behavior I'm referring to. After my displays turn off (from the OS timing out, going to sleep, etc.) my computer will make endless beeping noises (this one), once every few seconds, almost as if the displays are constantly disconnecting and reconnecting. This isn't a connection problem—it only happens when the displays have gone to sleep.


After I wake my computer from its beep-frenzied slumber, it takes a while for all the screens to get up and running. Several of the beeping sounds I mentioned, with two screens coming on, then going off (again and again), and the third screen finally joining the other two, all over the course of 15-20 seconds. If it's been over an hour or so since it was asleep, various programs will be non-responsive (most notably Outlook 2016) and various visual elements (the taskbar, the start menu, pretty much everything) has strange behavior, like not responding when clicked. It often gets into an unrecoverable state, where only restarting my machine will fix the various visual glitches. When my screens finally do turn back on, all of my programs have moved from whichever monitor they were on to the main monitor. In addition, some some programs that were fully maximized now think they're still maximized (which I know because the minimize button is available to press on that window), but there's a gap of about 30-ish pixels on each edge, so I have to minimize, then re-maximize to have it be truly maximized again.


All in all, I'm immensely shocked at the inconsistency with which the card began performing. If I can't get all of these issue solved soon, I plan on getting my money back via my warranty and getting an Nvidia card. This isn't out of spite—I just need a reliable multi-mon solution up-and-running again!


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