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Crimson Driver Massive FPS Drop (ASUS 380X OC'ed Edition) (15.11.1)

Question asked by ucdhi on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by freedomofchoice352

PC Specs


HP H8-1455

Windows 10



ASUS 380X OC'ed Edition

Corsair 550M PSU



So I have been running on the the latest catalyst since I installed the GPU a few days ago.I decided to give crimson a go, since I read on a few pages that the new drivers boosts stability/FPS by quite a bit.

Now I have a substantial drop in FPS, for example I used to get 60+ FPS with all applicable settings in their "high" positions in GTAV and ASUS GPU tweak II in gaming preset.

I now can barley manage 52+ FPS and in some instances FPS drops from 52 to 42 FPS and sometimes while playing it can shutter very bad.


Things I have tried to fix this problem.

-Uninstall all related AMD drivers with AMD "clean up utility" and then reinstalled crimson 15.11.1.

-Set all Global Graphics (available) settings to "use application settings"

-Texture Filtering Quality to "Performance"

-Disabled Frame Rate Target Control


Global Overdrive

-Power Limit = + 20%

-GPU Clock = + 1.90%

-(Base O'C settings is set with ASUS GPU TweakII "Gaming" Preset)


Still no change in performance (FPS).