6470M automatically changed to 7400M when Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta is installed

Discussion created by landeptrai on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2015 by kingfish

    I'm using a radeon HD 6470M graphic card, whenever I install the Radeon Software Crimson Edition Beta (312MB), my graphic card is automatically updated to 7400M, which results in huge amount of lagging and inability to open the radeon setting, saying either I don't have AMD driver installed or my AMD driver is not working properly and asking me to install the correct driver for my AMD graphic card. I open the control panel to update my graphic card and it went back to 6470M. Then everything went back to normal and I finally could open radeon setting. But when I restarted my laptop, I couldn't open radeon setting anymore, and it said the same thing as earlier so i check my graphic card again but it was already set as 6470M. Anyone can help??? Thanks in advance .(I misread before and accidentally installed the crimson edition which is not compatible with my graphic card, the same thing happened, I thought this time when I install the correct version the graphic card won't be altered anymore but it still happened anyway. Prior to installing the compatible version I did cleanly uninstalled all drivers using Control Panel via AMD install manager.)