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    Firepro W5100 problem with Creo-3


      Hi guys,


      I bought a new FirePro W5100 card, but unfortunately the latest Win10 drivers have issues with Creo Parametric 3.  I get constant Creo 3 crashes.  AMD is still promoting their FirePro cards as being compatible with Win10 and perfect for use with Creo, but the product currently DOESN'T WORK!

      can somebody from AMD please, please tell me when new FirePro drivers that address this issue will be released?




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          Our Win 10 driver does not have workstation features yet. Please roll back to Win 8.1 or Win 7.


          Download Not Complete

          Note that this driver has general support for Windows 10 for listed Workstations products. The

          driver is not recommended for full advanced workstation features (see more information in

          section Workstation Features (Win10). We recommend NOT to upgrade to Win 10 if you are

          using advanced workstation features.)