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Windows 7 can't find graphics card

Question asked by celestialouch on Dec 10, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by celestialouch

Story, (short ver);

I got a pc from cyberpower in 2013, everything was awesome until a few weeks ago. I had to reinstall windows, because reasons (updates chugged my performance).



Now, according to windows, my Radeon R92xx doesn't exist?

Nothing has changed with the hardware, and I have installed all the latest drivers from AMD website. I have also tried windows update, refreshing device manager and manually checking for hardware changes. I even asked the 'seven-forums' (that insist it's a driver problem, and has nothing to do with windows). But I still can't find my graphics card AT ALL.



Now I'm out of my depth and need help!


My specs;

OS - windows 7 home 'premium'

Graphics - Radeon R92xx series