Desktop color management in Crimson [qa report]

Discussion created by fenrysk on Dec 8, 2015
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I'm running a gigabyte R9 380 (yay black friday/cyber monday deals)


Crimson Edition

Driver Packaging Version


on Win10 x64.


I recently upgraded to the R9 380 from dual 6850s, and thus opted to give Crimson a try, up from Catalyst.

One of the main reasons I always opt for Radeon chips is because of the desktop color management controls (I'm a digital artist, this is important to the trade).


Crimson still relies on the CCC.exe for it's color management, and even though I save the color settings, these settings are not applied on boot as they did in Catalyst.


"Display Color" settings under individual monitor drop-down menus are preserved, but "Desktop Color" is only applied when CCC.exe is ran (ie, manually accessing Radeon Additional Settings from right-clicking at the desktop). 


Right now I've manually put CCC.exe into the startup folder and in the startup registry as a work-around (or sometimes just manually open the .exe), but hopefully this will be fixed in the next release (or just a total overhaul to move all remaining elements of CCC.exe over to Crimson).