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    R9 270X black screen issues


      Hi there, I have a Radeon R9 270X graphics card and a few days ago I started having some issues with it. When I start up Windows I get a black screen after the windows icon appears. I did a clean reinstall of Windows and have the hdmi cable connected to the graphics card and it seems to be working. However, when I try to install the dedicated drivers for the card I get the black screen again. I've tried old drivers as well as the new Crimson drivers.
      Any ideas? Is it a driver or hardware issue?
      Thanks for the help

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          hi, we have the same card and i also experience that problem. what os are you using?


          for me, i'm on win 8.1 coming from win 10 pro. drivers just wont work. im now using the old catalyst 15.7 drivers and its been a week now. i haven't experience any issues yet.


          hope you try it.

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