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There seems to be mixed views and opinions on the Clock Drop issue you may be experiencing. From my findings trying to sort it out with the initial Crimson driver I have found many fingers pointing at almost everything. It seems to effect Windows 10 users, of all hardware manufactures and cards. So here is some key pointers in what you can do to try and solve the issue.


First is installing your drivers correctly, this isn't downloading Crimson or Beta and clicking "install". This is cleanly removing any trace of the last driver whatever they may be and then replacing them onto a totally clean slate. This guide is informed and easy to follow, but must be followed down to the T.

Driver 2.PNG

When choosing your drivers you need to install what's right for you. The Crimson Beta is the latest driver from AMD and has a few fixes from the initial driver, fan auto etc. If you have a laptop with switchable graphics you may find problems with using the dedicated GPU, Crimson hasn't got switchable graphics implemented yet so go back to what you had before is Crimson causes problems. But that's a different matter.

Rolling back to a much older driver isn't recommended, you cant get support as its not the current driver. You will loose support for the latest games.


Once you up and running and if you have clock drop you will want to setup your game right. Fallout 4 in this case.

20% Power.PNG

Setting up your GPU, global or per game you will want to set the power control to +20% or +50% on newer higher end card. This means your GPU is getting as much power as the driver will let it. The only time you would not do this is if you want less noise/heat/energy bill. Or your PC is on the bodge and you don't have the right PSU. (Remember to click Apply)

Next is the games settings itself.

Frame off.PNG

Note that I have disabled Frame Control and put VSync to Always Off. Frame Control will lower the clock when not needed, saves power, lowers heat and runs quieter not rendering frames beyond what your monitor can display at or in some cases eyes can see. VSync matches the games frame rate to your displays frame rate. Without it you get whats called tearing. But for now we will turn this off.

Next is Windows, some say the magic cure for everything is setting your Power Plan to High Performance solves everything, maybe it does. But in this case we are just going to turn off the PCI link power saver setting. You still get ZeroCore when on Crossfire.

Link power save.PNG

You should now be able to play whatever it is with a steady clock speed.



If your still having problems, you can try working the card harder just for the hell of it. It shouldn't have a choice but to stay at whatever Mhz. This is how to get the most from Wolfenstein.


It has no profile but we are able to have it run with each card working at full clock. Normally it would half at least one.

This may work for you.


Next would be to check if its just some games, you'll need to run a benchmark of some sort. Free ones can be GPUz render test, or MSI has a few. While your at it click Start and type Event Viewer, look for anything that may be a miss, in system or application. You will then need to work through each error or warning. Shutdown your PC and start it again, run your problem game and you will have a start point (kernel Power) when you look at it.


If your still having problems remember to let us know if your having problems with the benchmarks or just games, what API is running and what games (more than one please) is causing the problem. Remember the forum is user to user support, around the globe so not instant, and play nice. Replies you find helpful click yes/like or correct answer, this will help others looking at the same issue. And remember you have a post, don't desert it.


Try all that and you should be good to go.



It is worth, providing you have done what you can to inform AMD of the problem if its still relevant and if your not getting anywhere opening a post on the forum. Sadly telepathy isn't a feature on AMD hardware, maybe in the future. So again providing you have tried all this, and have asked for help but nothing new can help. Report the problem to AMD, they can the review, replicate and solve the issue if it is relevant (not "oh why cant I use Crimson on my 1999 GPU/Game"). Be brief and clear, nothing that's going to take a year to read. They do test drivers, but we are talking about controlling pieces of silicon using on off commands via an OS written by another company to manipulate everything we see on every hardware and software mix possible. Tricky.


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