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AMD Freesync Not recognized

Question asked by arcanekitten on Dec 9, 2015
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so a couple months ago i got this message from the amd catalyst driver where it said my dp cable wasn't connected correctly, sadly I couldn't fix it and left me nowhere( also i couldn't get a screenshot of it but now with crimson i can).

my refresh rate and resolution are untouched and work correctly(a bit surprising since i run a 21:9 and gives me a lot of issues)

what i've tried is reinstalling my drivers with DDU,replugging the dp cable,enabling and disabling freesync in the monitors menu, reseating the gpu (R9 290) but all of that with noluck.


the specs that matter are MSI R9 290 (twin frozr), LG29um67-p, and a mid-tier dp cable.



here is the message but i really don't have a clue what to do at this point so maybe you guys can help me out here.



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