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    Crimson game/app profiles do not work


      I don't know why but none of the game/app profiles work for me. They used to work fine before. I'm trying to set Framerate target control and overdrive for fallout 4.

      Both global and app specific framerate control isn't working.  Overdrive works when setting from global profile.

      This is a really cool feature that I really really would like to work.



      R9 290 CF

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          I think this might be a bug. I would recommend firstly trying a fresh installation of the Crimson drivers to see if that restores functionality. If that does not work, please roll back to Catalyst 15.11.1 Beta, or Catalyst 15.7.1 WHQL. You can report the issue here.

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              I have tried resetting all profiles and ultimately reinstalled the drivers. No help.

              I will need to test more games since in CS:GO framerate limiter works fine.

              I also have a lot of issues with flickering screen/textures on some games and they seem to be related to crossfire and freesync. There might be a firmware issue with my monitor(Acer XG270HU)