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I installed new crimson driver 11-24-15 ran pretty well on my  Gigabyte 990fxa -ud3 , with FX 6350(o\c to 4.5,with 16 gig kskill sniper 1886 mem   2-7870 in Xfire setup) I noticed you issued updated driver  crimson 11-30-15 so i D\L it., as i was getting

Question asked by studabakahawk on Dec 8, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2015 by erin.maiorino

No im told that my video driver is corrupted and will not allow me to  to install any driver/ I can see that my VGA in system devices has the yellow  triangle next to it. Im thinking I could  uninstall the  device from system devices and  hope my system just re installs it.

By the way i thought this was built in AMD sabotage to force me to upgrade my video card, so as a Good slave i went out today and bought a MSI R9 390 lamming video card, what a supride to fine out its still F*%@ed up!

what advice do you have regarding my corrupted VGA directory, That is my problem. Can you please tell me how to address it.