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AMD V7800 Display Artifacts

Question asked by damacleod on Dec 8, 2015

I'm hoping someone in this forum can provide a solution to a recent issue I've encountered after my last round of updating drivers. I've attached a file that shows screen-shots of display artifacts left from working within Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 (updated two days ago). I also installed Microsoft updates and AMD updates. Prior to this last round of driver updates I had no issues whatsoever.


The attached file shows Illustrator open and what you see is the drop shadows of various palettes that have been opened and then closed (for example, opening the Align, Character, etc. palettes from the top menu and then closing them). Not all palettes leave their drop shadows behind, but most do (at least at some point).


I've only experienced this issue with Illustrator, not other Adobe applications.


The interesting part is that you'll notice the lower half of the screen-shot shows the desktop and even more drop shadow edges are seen then when Illustrator is open ... that's what makes me think the newest driver for the FirePro is the culprit. I have opened up the display properties and have cycled through all the option and have refreshed/changed the desktop wallpaper but no luck, these lines just don't disappear. The only way that seems to get rid of them is to reboot the computer ... total hassle.


Anyone else experiencing this issue? Thanks for any advice on how to troubleshoot this issue,